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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fried naners and ice cream

Yes, it was an indulgence, but Casius did help me pedal the bike to the restaurant with its deck, the one with the view of what Raleigh calls a skyline.

Fried naner. Niller ice cream. Whupped cream. If that doesn't cure what ails me, I don't know what will.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working on muscles

Not quite ready to take on the Muscles from Brussels, and truth be told, these are my muscles, not Casius', but I'll share with him until the second plate arrives.

Can you hear that tsking in the background? Yes, I know what's really happening here, and how Casius is too reserved to let me know. He's inspecting the muscles to be sure they're up to standards. Otherwise, my delicate palette could be discomforted. Oh what a nightmare that would be.

Vegetables are important

People often think that cats are carnivorous, and I know for a fact that Casius likes nothing better than a fresh buck deer for his dinner, but with that said, Casius also understands the importance of vegetables in the diet.

Now, it could be that some of you are reluctant to ask the dentist to sharpen your fangs so you can bite into a fresh, if tough, vegetable, and if that's your case, Casius wants you to know that it's also permissible to drink your vegetables. Besides, drinking your vegetables will leave you with the energy you need to gnaw down your next deer or caribou.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fallen warrior

All good things must end, even the summer ale. Casius says a few words over our fallen friend.

Here at the end of a long week and a very successful day, I'm feeling a lot like that glass. Perhaps an early bedtime followed by a late wake up will start the recovery.

This is the one you want

Ages ago, there was a TV show about Daniel Boone. The show had little to do with reality, and that means is was very popular. On one show, our adventuring heroes had to cross a river, and a minor character, an old goat with a taste for rum who was added to provide a little background, mused: "If it were rum, I could drink our way across." Well, he said "was," not "were," because using the subjunctive correctly would taint the patina of his uneducated but world-wise character. My mother then remarked about Uncle Elliot probably feeling about the same.

Fast-forward to yesterday evening. Casius was making ale suggestions. He does appear to have a talent.

I'm glad I listened.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deadly stuff

I had two Uncle Elliots Neither was a blood relative, but they both had a taste for the fruit of the vine, and even more as opportunity permitted. The one, was a plummer, and he probably drank the better half of Spring Lake. I never got to know him very well. He died in a car crash when I was young. Yes, he had been drinking.

The other was an educated man, and a simple delight. I enjoyed my time getting to know him, and I'm a better man for the opportunity. Of the people among my ex-spousal unit's family, he is the one I miss and remember fondly. I regret that my own children never got to know him.

So what brings this up? They both considered water to be deadly stuffy, and that's exactly what Casius was telling me tonight.

I'm afraid I did not listen. Before dinner, which was a bowl of chicken soup, was finished, I had downed the entire glass of water. Do you suppose I'll survive?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Casius is a helpful boy

Yes, he is. Here with me in an oh-so-delicate condition, and by oh-so-delicate condition, I mean a sober condition, Casius pitches in to help me out.

Of course, I suspect he has an ulterior motive. Kittehs so often do.